Silver Dragon Restaurant


Silver Dragon is my absolute favorite place to go for Chinese food. Located in China Town at 106 3rd Avenue we normally go to Silver Dragon for special events or for Christmas eve with family. Silver Dragon has been around for more than 40 years and the food is fantastic and super fresh. I dined there on Friday night and here is what we had!
Two words: SHRIMP TOAST!!! The best in the city- bar none. Shrimp toast is essentially shrimp inside a crunchy deep fried layer of love... It comes with a sweet & sour sauce to dip into. These make me DROOL! One of my favorite foods of all time.
Ginger beef originated in Calgary and here is one of the best in town! The ginger beef here is extremely crunchy and fresh.
One of the best things about Silver Dragon is the QUALITY of the food that is served. This sweet and sour pork is a perfect example- big chunks of MEAT and not gristle they disguise in batter. There was not an ounce of fat on any of the pieces that I ate. Big, fresh chunks of pineapple as well :)
Here is Silver Dragon's almond chicken. The chicken was so juicy I don't know how they do it... Such good quality~
Definitely my favorite Chinese restaurant in the city. I highly recommend any of the seafood dishes or the Peking Duck. Many Chinese people in Calgary celebrate their weddings here and they also serve dim sum.


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