RUSH Engagement Party!


From left to right: Lindsay, a good friend and neighbor, Stacy, the guest of honor, and I
RUSH is one of my very favorite restaurants in this city.. I've had some very memorable meals here and always enjoy the great service and high end ambiance. We were there last night for an engagement party for a good friend and neighbor who just got engaged at the end of August.. They have had quite the year with everything from a house party to some medical scares and new job opportunities. They were GLOWING last night and it was so nice to celebrate with them.. Here is a bit of what we did and ate :)
We were in the lounge and ordered the $14 Artisan cheese board.. From left to right we have some apple slices, a camembert cheese in cube form, blue cheese, apple and raspberry compote, walnuts, and the big orange triangle was some delicious cheddar!
Here are the homemade crostinis that came alongside.
Here is the "ham and pickle" board.. I was a bit disappointed because there was not one pickle to be found! All of the hams seemed to taste exactly the same though and the waiter wasn't really sure what was on the board? I suppose the onion on the left was pickled but besides that it was a bit disappointing. The pepper in the foreground was quite spicy and I didn't think it matched well with anything else. I did enjoy the marinated artichoke in the top right though.
This flour-less cake was UNBELIEVABLE! There were macaroons surrounding the cake and the cake itself was HEAVENLY! So decadent and rich. I love dark chocolate and I really enjoyed this cake because it was not to sweet at all.
 CONGRATS STACY & SHANE! You make an amazing couple. Can't wait til you are back on the street- we miss you. XOXOXO


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