My after work snack....


MmMmMmM stackers!
I loooove stackers! I always count out each item so that I will have the right amount of everything.. I normally count out 8... *GEEK*.. And I am picky.. I like the following brand of stacker material:
Gotta be Breton Garden Vegetable
Best sweet pickles... cause their crunchy and don't have onions and other bullsh*t in them. HEHEHE
Cracker Barrel.. And yes Costco is the cheapest place to get it ;)
Thuringer sausage from Shneider's.. This and summer sausage are awesome.
Here is a photo I took on the way downtown this morning. I love this time of year when the sunrise decides to appear on my drive to work.. I also love working downtown- not the commute of course from the deep southeast but I love the vibe, restaurants, convenience, shopping and beautiful office buildings!
Sunrise yesterday morning from the Calf Robe bridge. Wow!


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