I'm not a fan of "box store" restaurants but Milestones has some great items on their menu such as the famous goat cheese and roasted garlic appetizer and some really top notch entrees. We were going shoe shopping for an upcoming wedding I am in and decided to pop over for dinner at Milestones. Here is what we ate:
This is Milestones "bocconcini garlic bread" which has fresh pizza mozzarella layered between french bread, seasoned with olive oil and garlic butter. Topped with reggiano cheese and served with olive tapenade and roasted tomatoes for $8.99. As you can see there were no tomatoes on top of this bread and it was quite greasy and salty due to the bed of olive oil/butter/olives. My date thought it was hilarious the bread was "impregnated" with cheese but all in all it was a little too greasy for me.
This isn't the best photo but my date had the "American Burger" with cheese and bacon for $12.99. It was pretty basic but there was a tasty thousand island dressing on the burger and the bun was delicious! Nicely toasted and not to "bready"
I was going to order the Thai Drummettes for my entree but the waitress mentioned they were gross and she wasn't sure why they were on the menu.. Wow.. Glad she was so honest! I really appreciate when the wait staff tells me their opinion. These are the Crispy Asian Chicken bites for $9.99. These were actually a bit disappointing to me- they were a bit too breaded and there was not aioli dipping sauce like was promised. They did not hold a candle to Earls "Chili Chicken"
This overly sweet and ridiculously drowned dessert is "The Cookie" which is a double dark warm chocolate cookie with chocolate and caramel sauce over top and vanilla gelato. It was disgusting in my opinion.. WAY too much sauce and it was much to rich. I was hoping for a crunchy exterior and warm inside... Not a fan!
I was really disappointed with Milestones last night... I wish I would have ordered my usual pesto chicken fettuccine! That is delicious!


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