This is where you will normally find my good friend Aman and I- in the kitchen! I joke that we are "food soul mates" and we get together often to check out the latest and greatest restaurant or have an IRON CHEF battle like we did last night!!! What we do is choose a theme ingredient of something in my refrigerator and go from there.. The goal is to NOT grocery shop and just use the resources we have and see what we can create... If you have never seen Iron Chef on Food Network (*GASP*)  it is a battle consisting of a "secret ingredient" and the chefs have to prepare a few courses each incorporating the ingredient and then they are judged.We have done everything from cherries to Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and last night- Anaheim chili!
I had one chili left over from my curry on Sunday. Anaheim chili's are a mild variety of chili pepper. They are also referred to as the "California chili" or "magdalena"
We normally brain storm what each of us are going to make by pulling a bunch of ingredients out and throwing ideas around. We go head to head and James judges our final dish!

Here is Aman's dish!!! He used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and cut them in half to make a slider! He melted cheese on top of cubed Thuringer sausage that was sauteed it with lime, Dijon mustard, raspberry jam, red pepper jelly, garlic, thyme and the Anaheim chili. He spread some sour cream on the top part of the bun.
Aman's dish plated. I can't even explain to you how flavorful these sliders were! SOOO good.. a little bit of spice from the chili and then sweet from the dijon. So unique- I would never have thought to do this!
My dish was a bit more basic. I made quesadillas with chicken, cheddar cheese, green onion, Anaheim chili, and chili pepper sauce spread on one side. I baked them and then broiled them on each side to make the tortillas really crispy and served them with sour cream and salsa. I liked how crispy I got the tortillas..
JAMES RULED: THE WINNER IS: This goofball..AMAN!!!!! 
Gold Star Amanskis... for the record this is your first victory.. BAHAHA
For dessert I wanted to use up some Granny Smith apples that were too bitter to eat and Aman taught me how to make an apple galette!
We started with making some caramel. Mr. Chef doesn't measure anything... But he threw about a cup and a half of white sugar in a skillet with a bit of water and cooked it on a high heat until it started to caramelize. Make sure to not over cook the caramel or you will burn it.  When it turns a nice brown color like this it is ready.
We used three Granny Smith apples which I peeled, cored and sliced with THIS AMAZING tool!!! So quick- just the turn of a handle and it does it all.. We put the apples on top of the caramel and sprinkled them with sugar cinnamon and thyme. We put a few tablespoons of unsalted butter on the top of the apples and then rolled out one sheet of puff pastry laid it over top of the apples and popped it in the oven at 375 degrees- got to love cookware that goes right in the oven!
This is after taking the galette out of the oven after about 20-25 minutes. The puff pastry is golden brown and apples were bubbling.
This photo does not do this dish justice! It was so beautiful after we took it out of the oven!!! Only 20-25 minutes and the apples were soft and translucent and the puff pastry was crispy and golden brown. We turned it upside down on a platter and this is what we found. WOW!!! I will be making this again. It was HEAVENLY! Nice and light too with the puff pastry if you can believe it....
Thanks Aman, always a good time with you and thanks for being such an awesome friend. Love ya!


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