Il Centro


I sound like a cranky old hag today or something but I HATE BEING DISAPPOINTED when I have heard such good things!!! Have you been to Il Centro?! Did I order the wrong thing??? I made the trek at lunch today via train and was SO excited to try their famous "Italian Pizza"... Il Centro is in an odd location across from Chinook and tucked away in a commercial building at 6036 3rd St SW. The staff was extremely friendly and the ambiance was cute with red checkered table cloths and Italian music playing. I ordered the "Framaggio" 10" pizza for $16... It said it had four different types of Italian cheese on it.

This pizza was so disappointing... It tasted like one type of cheese, not four. Have you ever tried Pulcinella's "Quatro Framaggio" pizza? DO IT. RUN. NOW. The sauce was quite bland and it was overall greasy and I only managed to eat two of the massive pieces and still felt like a fatty bean... The crust reminded me of Delissio Pizza.. I had people telling me this was the best in the city damn it! I had my hopes up...

My date had the pepperoni pizza... He used to work at a pizza restaurant so I would say we are picky pizza eaters since it is our favorite food... The first thing he said was "tastes just like Delissio"...
If your looking for traditional Napoletana pizza hit up Pulcinella in Kensington. Much more flavor and the true Italian taste with olive oil for sauce and fresh basil.

HURUMPH! I've been wanting to try here for forever and the wait staff was SO awesome!


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