What is your favorite breakfast place?! I was not a fan initially.. But I think that Cora's gives you the most bang for your buck with their amazing mountains of carved fruit that is served with each dish. They really take the time to make your meal special and take it a step above. One of my other favorite breakfast places is Phil's because they give you a carafe of coffee on your table and have beef chubbies- YUMMM! 

They have just opened up a new Cora's in Bow Valley Square downtown which I am really excited about.. The one on 130th Avenue in the south is always exceptionally lined up so James and I normally frequent the Okotoks location where we have NEVER had to wait in line- it is larger and not as busy.. We went on Sunday morning and this is what we dined on... 

James ordered the "Sunshine" breakfast which was a egg, ham and cheese crepe with Cora's famous mountain of fruit. Not only is there a lot of fruit but it has good variety I find- not just melon!
I am a huge sucker for eggs benedict... Especially with the hollandaise sauce that Cora makes.. James always gets a side of it so he can dip no matter what he is eating into it. LOVE the sauce, amount they give you and mountain of fruit!
Try the Cora's in Okotoks for no line up next time! They took away my favorite "crunchy crepe" but I still always enjoy my meal every time I dine here.


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