Club Paradiso


Once a month a group of ladies and I get together for "Foreplay Friday".. An event we created for a unique girls night out! Each month a new "organizer" is drawn and she organizes a special night for us- something that is out of the box and not something you would normally do. This month my girlfriend Chantalle planned an AMAZING event!!! We went to this place in Inglewood called "Club Paradiso" .. This is a unique entertainment destination which hosts everything from a comedy/burlesque transvestite act "Carly's Angels" or "The Garter Girls" which is the act we saw- BURLESQUE!!! It was SOOO CLASSY and fun and amazing and I can't recommend this venue enough for a girls night out or birthday party for any type of people. IT COMPLETELY EXCEEDED our expectations. The food was great and drinks were so reasonable. $7 double "garter girl" drinks with vodka, Grand Marnier, orange juice and sprite- and they lit up!:
A "Garter Girl" drink for only $7! For a double! WOOP!
Some of the hotties from our Foreplay Friday! We were right in front of the stage and you get to watch the show from where you are sitting- they also have GREAT service and served us through the entire show! SO IMPRESSED!
Look how neat the menu was! It looked like a novel on each table and when you opened it up it was the menu. Such a unique place! YOU MUST GO!
The whole group of us ladies. One dozen beyotches YAY!
Hot hotssss
Classic Bruschetta for $11. Love the presentation
This was SO DAMN GOOD! Brie & Fig compote bruschetta.. Loved the big thick slices of brie for $14
Cream Cheese-Garlic Dip, Spinach & Dill Dip, Tomato Bruschetta, served with Forno crostini
One of the "gifts" the host of the show was giving out in her Marie Antoinette costume and cauldron!
We pretty much all want to invest in "tittie tassles" after the amazing burlesque show. HAHA! So much sexier than strippers- much better dancers and more mystery. They did a "Halloween theme" and the dancers were everything from dolls to zombies to birds. SO NEAT! What a classy act- we all LOVED IT!


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