Calgary's Farmer's Market


I love going to the Calgary Farmer's Market off of Crowchild in the Currie Barracks. Their produce is the best and the carrots ACTUALLY taste like carrots unlike the baby carrots that taste like feet at the grocery store.. I love going for lunch and grabbing one of the Ukranian dishes or anything from homemade cabbage rolls, perogies or bagels. This time I decided to try a "Wayne's Bagel" sandwich which had cream cheese, cheddar cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce and cucumber on a "Montreal style bagel".. I am a HUGE Montreal bagel fan and find that Alberta's versions are normally laughable but this particular sesame seed bagel TASTED LIKE A MONTREAL BAGEL! *HEAVEN*
Besides having my truck hit and run in the parking lot, which two very nice Samaritans witnessed and reported, we had a fantastic morning picking up fresh produce and browsing everything from honey to jewelry to hand knit hats to seafood and meat... I ended up buying 4 jumbo scallops for dinner that evening as well and pan seared scallops for the very first time! They were a bit pricey.. .$13 for 4 scallops but they were delicious!
The scallops after just being added to the hot pan
The trick to cooking scallops and getting that nice caramelized top and not having the scallops turn rubbery is to heat your pan on medium-high heat with UNSALTED butter (I made the mistake of using salted and they were too salty). Make sure your pan is hot and the next key is to not overcrowd the pan. If you overcrowd the scallops they will just steam and not cook with that delicious top and bottom on them.  
Nice carmalization after being flipped :D


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