Blink Restaurant & Bar


Blink is located at 111 8th Avenue SW on Stephen's Ave and their seasonal menu boasts about supporting local farmers from Alberta. I thought it was neat that their menu was written by hand and featured a number of seasonal dishes which demonstrates they take time to think about their menu and local selections. We both started with their feature soup which was a field mushroom with crunchy croutons:
The soup was delicious! It was a mushroom puree and a really nice texture. The croutons were the best part. Still crunchy but soft once you bit into them. Very delicious!
I had the "mac n' cheese" which was macaroni elbows with grizzly gouda and there was a green leaf salad on the side for $12.50. Although this mac n' cheese looks delicious.. It was honestly one of the worst mac n' cheeses I have had to date. The elbow macaroni was completely bland and textureless and there was more cheese than macaroni which always grosses me out. The cheese itself was SO unbelievably bland.. It honestly tasted like nothing. I make a much better version. A mac n' cheese from a restaurant should have a bolder cheese flavor like a sharp cheddar or blue cheese... This was extremely disappointing and I would NOT order it again.
My date dined on the shepherd's pie that had ground veal and a cheesy top. There was also a lot of tomato based flavor in this dish which I don't normally associate with shepherd's pie...
Definitely not one of my favorite lunches from a restaurant that has so much potential. Lacking flavor and effort this time Blink... Better luck next time. 

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 5/10


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