Best gadget for cutting a pineapple!


Hands down... This pineapple wedger is the best one I have found on the market.. And yes.. I am a bit biased because I sell Pampered Chef... Have the entire catalog... BELIEVE in the stuff.. but have you ever tried to cut a pineapple by hand? No fun!!! You can get the pre-cut pineapples at Sobeys occasionally but they are $6 and not even an entire pineapple.  This guy is only $20 and super sharp! CHECK IT OUT!
All you have to do is cut off the top and bottom of the pineapple and rock this wedger down... It cores, skins and cuts the pineapple in half. You can use blend the core into smoothies and I will often only use one half and take the other half to work or for a later use.
Much better than these cheap contraptions that I hear people complain about all the time!:

Doesn't it look like a lot of pineapple is wasted?
Uhhh.... The pineapple shovel?? At least with the wedger you can use it on apples, pears and cucumbers as well.. What else could you use this for? Gardening?
I can't even explain to you how many of these I have seen broken!!!!! People will always bust out a broken, plastic pineapple contraption... 
Okay..I can see this working.. But cumbersome much? Where the hell would you store something like this???
Plastic, large and hideous... I'll take TWO at the price of $3! hahaha
For the discounted price of $500 this guillotine-esque wedger can be yours!
Hmmmm.. Still seems like a lot of work.

TA DA!!! The easy Pampered Chef pineapple wedger that can be used for more than just pineapple and is a lot nicer looking and more compact than its competitors.


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