Bears Den Restaurant


My amazing husband surprised me on Saturday with a full day of fun! We have both been really busy lately so I was in need of some quality time together. He told me to "be ready by 11 am on Saturday with a casual outfit with socks and shoes and one fancy outfit"... He picked me up and we went for a 2 hour hike in Bragg Creek and it was SO beautiful!!!
The view was gorgeous with all of the fall colors. What a beautiful day too! +27 degrees! WOW!
If I had known we are going on a hike I would have worn shorts and not my vintage feather headband.. BAHAHA
We hiked the Station Flats "Diamond T" trail and had a picnic lunch at the top. So romantic :D
After our hike we headed to McKay's Ice Cream in Cochrane- man that place is delicious. All of their ice creams are made in house and there were flavors ranging from everything from purple yam to watermelon lime to rootbeer to licorice! I had SKOR and James got the watermelon lime cooler cause he likes getting stuff that is "out of the box".. We looked in all the little shops in Cochrane and then James asked me to change into my "Fancy Outfit"... and took me TO THE BEARS DEN!!! I have been wanting to try this restaurant for a few years but was waiting for a special occasion as it is located in the posh community of Bearspaw and not a cheap place to dine...
I was SO excited!!! The interior of this restaurant does not have one window as it was initially built to be a sports bar. The decor is extremely romantic and luxurious with low lighting, chandeliers, wood paneling and many motifs of the wildlife from the Rocky Mountain- SO GORGEOUS! James ordered us sparkling wine to start to pair with the "Jumbo Bay Scallop au Gratin" we ordered:
O.M.G. these scallops were HUGE and the crumb topping was so sweet and rich. They were prepared in maple whiskey and double smoked bacon streusel. We LOVED this dish.. Could have gone for one more scallop to make it even for $15 though ;)
For our entree we ordered a special treat.. "Chateaubriand for 2"  which is a special cut of thick tenderloin which is usually only offered as a serving for two as there is only enough meat in the enter of the average fillet for two portions. When prepared properly this is among the most flavorful and tender cuts... and OH MAN was it flavorful and tender!!!
I love ANYTHING that is prepared tableside.. They wheel out a little cart and carve it right in front of you alongside seasonal vegetables and potatoes for two for $92. We ordered ours medium rare- when you get a cut of meat this good it is best to enjoy it in a pure form. Many steakhouses will even decline to cook a steak "well done".
I have NEVER experience "seasonal vegetables" quite like this.. There were over a dozen different types of vegetables.. Everything from truffles to beets, beans, white asparagus, green asparagus, scalloped potatoes, bok choy, broccoli, carrots etc.. An unbelievable spread! The plate was also piping hot which kept our meals warm as we ate.
Here is my plate once carved. What a delicious piece of meat! WOW!!!
 All in all it was a fantastic day and I was spoiled rotten. Thank you for being you husband of the year award! XOXOXOXO


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