Bear & Kilt Freehouse


I have blogged about the Bear & Kilt before and I really enjoy the pub fare that they offer.. Everything from really yummy homemade pizza to traditional pub grub such as shepherds pie and stuffed yorkies. All of the wonderful ladies from my work and I went there on Wednesday and this is what we ate:
This was the Sicilian pizza with cracked pepper and sausage. Mmmm doesn't this make you hungry?!
My one co-worker likes to eat veggie during the day so she got this vegetarian wrap. She said it was AWESOME! The spread inside was red pepper hummus and packed full of veggies. I love pubs that offer fresh veggies on the side of a dish as well.
My other co-worker has been craving the stuffed yorkies so I thought I would give them a try too... Yes.... I am being bad again... BUT getting my kicks in because I am going on a for serious diet next week and meeting with a trainer.. anywaysss.. The yorkies themselves were good along with the horse radish creme fresh.. unfortunately there was not enough gravy even though it looks like it.. It was quite dry and bland by the end. I would get the pizza next time :)


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