UNA Pizza & Wine Bar


Foodgasm: Andrea's definition of sinfully amazing food that makes you close your eyes and moan... GO TO UNA!!! YOU MUST GO! FANTASTIC! SO YUMMY! This restaurant should have been my brainchild... Two of my favorite things of all time: Pizza & Wine! Complete with cheap daily specials, a fresh, inviting ambiance and great service for this locally owned restaurant. Here is what we noshed on...
Each day UNA has different "pintxo" or bite sized amuse bouche to excite your palette for $2. This time it was a "B.L.T." skewer served on a whimsical chunk of wood. It had sun dried tomato, butter lettuce, boar baconand some mayo aioli. Wow...
Love the presentation. So appetizing and fun!

We ordered a bowl of olives for $4 to munch on as well. They were good... Coulda gone for a few more variety but still yummy nonetheless.Loved the presentation once again!
O.M.G.. These goat cheese and boar bacon mushroom caps on a bed of arugula were a-mazing. FOODGASM! Looooved the panko crunchy crust on the top and they were perfectly cooked. I'll be dreaming about these for a while.
Here we have "half" sun dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh olive oil, prosciutto and arugula to be spread over the crostinis provided. The flavor combination here was mind blowing and the mozzarella was so fresh. 
Crostini served with prosciutto combination
For our entree we split the mushroom pizza with arugula, freshly shaved Pecorino cheese, truffle oil and crimini mushrooms. The flavor in this pizza was incredible- the truffle oil and mushrooms gave it a rich, earthy taste and it was even delicious without piles of cheese on it..
This is their "budino" or chocolate cake that was chocolate & hazelnut with mascarpone cheese incing for $7. I once again love the presentation and the cake itself was SO flavorful and moist with chunks of hazelnut throughout. It was a fudgey/brownie texture almost which I will be craving for a while....
Panna cotta in a mason jar! Panna cotta is an Italian dessert which is essentially heavy cream, gelatin & vanilla pretty much.. This Panna Cotta was the best I have EVER HAD... hands down.. It tasted like biting into a fresh glass of cream with ripe blueberries and cookies crumbled over top for $8
I think you can understand from my post how much I enjoyed dinner at UNA Pizza & Wine. I will be back and back and back... Can't wait to try it out again!!! YOU MUST GO!!!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 10/10 !!!!


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