Spur Gastropub


We had a staff lunch at Spur on this beautiful Friday and I was a bit disappointed with the fare this time! Spur is part of the "Pennylane Entertainment" conglomerate owned by famous Cowboy's owner Paul Vickers. I really love his restaurants "Italian Kitchen" and "Zen8" but our food was all really bland today.. .Here is what we had..
This was probably my favorite part of the meal. These are Spur's "Carmen Creek bison dry ribs" with spicy BBQ sauce and a jalapeno aioli for $14.25.  Definitely pricey but they were boneless and were bison, not beef. Very tasty! I loved the aioli to dip into and the fact that they were boneless
Damn me and my mac n' cheese addiction! This is their "chipotle mac n' cheese" with "asparagus" of which there was none and goat cheese.. It didn't taste like goat cheese either.. It tasted like bland macaroni noodles and she suggested I get chicken in it. I was thinking it would be shredded chicken but it was these enormous pieces of grilled chicken. Not impressed! $10

Here is the poutine for $10. Does it look lackluster? It was...

These are the "Sloppy Joe Tacos" with a "cumin creme fraiche".. To me these don't look very sloppy. There is no meat slopping out and the ground beef was just ground beef with a bit of seasoning... No mushrooms, sauce really or anything. Very bland and we thought a rip off for $12.50!

I like the presentation of this meal. This is the "spi
This is the "Gellati Espresso Mud pie" for $10. It was a yummy ice cream cake.. Another one of the best parts of the meal.
They used to have this AMAZING grilled cheese sandwich on their menu on a croissant with ranch dressing... I don't know what happened here but I will not be back anytime soon.


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