Some of my dining pet peeves...


I don't expect people I dine with or the wait staff to be connoisseurs by any means but here are some of my biggest pet peeves when I am dining out!

  • When a server takes FOREVER to come over and take my order.. I'm hungry damn it.. That's why I'm hereeeee! Feed me.. I turn into a fire breathing dragon when I'm starving
  • I hate watching my food sitting under the heating lamp and my waiter flirting with the hostess and my dinner is getting cold. I normally have to face away from the kitchen so I don't lose it. 
  • I hate when people are paying the bill and say "how much should I tip?" right in front of the waitress... Or if they inquire to me at all. I tip on the service I receive. If I receive horrible service, I don't tip AT ALL.. If I receive not bad, I always tip 15% but I receive REALLY good service I am a very generous tipper and been known to tip up to 50% if a server makes my night memorable.
  • If I complain that something is wrong with my dish and the waiter doesn't care... and doesn't offer to do ANYTHING. Good bye tip!
  • If my meal is served and the cutlery is not on the table. Nothing worse than smelling and staring at your steaming hot plate and not being able to dig in
  • When pasta or soup is served luke warm
  • When I am dining with a group of people and they will take forever to take the first appetizer.. I don't want to look like a pig and take the first appetizer off the plate but let's not let them get cold people!
  • When you ask a server for a wine pairing and they respond, "I haven't tried any on the menu".. or "Hmmmm... no clue" 
  • If I receive my soup/gravy/dipping sauce with a skim on the top because it has been sitting under the heat lamp
  • When your appetizer arrives when your meal does.. or worse- AFTER!


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