The Parthenon Greek Restaurant


My brother and had a dinner date after work last night and were STARVING.. We decided to check out The Parthenon Greek Restaurant on Fairmount Drive. This is a restaurant I have driven past a number of times and have wanted to check out! I think Greek is always good for a healthier choice with its Greek salad and hummous.. A nice alternative to ordering a salad no matter where we ended up.

Although EVERYTHING wasn't healthy here is what we noshed on:
Diet or no diet.. When I eat Greek I HAVE to get saganaki which is fried cheese flambeed with brandy and extinguished with a lemon. Yummm! Alex had never had this before and LOVED it! Just order it... It is SO DAMN GOOD!
Here is the "small" Horiatiki or Village salad which we refer as Greek salad for $6.95. I could tell that they used a really good quality olive oil and feta. It was a generous portion as well. Alex loved this dish!
Spanokopita... Spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough. My brother wasn't a fan of these.. They were quite good but a bit bland.. I would like to make these myself and give them my own unique twist like a dipping sauce or something poured over top to give them some more pizazz.   

We tried their calamari which was quite good.. The squid was lightly battered and NOT chewy/stringy somehow which is awesome. Another healthy portion but very good and fresh.

We went shopping at IKEA after dinner and they had these "Daim" 2 calorie samples out.. OMG! These are the Swedish version of the Skor bar in a bite sized piece! I guess they sell these as candy bars in Europe.. Try them next time you are at IKEA!

We had a great time and my company was THE BEST! Love you Alex <3

Food FaNaTiC Raing: 9/10


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