Kilkenny.... Mmmm Deep fried pickles!


I went to Kilkenny Irish Pub on Saturday night before heading to the Stampeder's game. We got 2 pints of beer, a plate of wings/ribs, 2 tickets to the game and a bus ride to the pub and back for $45!!! What a GREAT deal! Limerick's and Dixon's pub also does this and I highly recommend it. We were STARVING when we got to the pub so we immediately ordered one of my pub favorites- DEEP FRIED PICKLES!
Now I know that sounds kind of gross.. Well if you haven't had them it sounds gross. They are a large dill pickle quartered and then lightly battered in a dill batter which matches the pickle really well. Kilkenny has a grainy mustard they use for dipping which really suited the pickles. Nummm
Here is the $21.99 "Nacho Platter" with "extra cheese" which we found to be a huge rip off. Most of the cheese was at the bottom and it was the size of a normal $9-12 nacho plate. The smaller plate was still $14.99.. Can't imagine how small it would be....
All in all a great night!!! We were in the 6th row from the field for $45 for TWO TICKETS! So glad this is CFL and not NFL,  there is no way we would be able to get that kind of a deal!

Kilkenny has a great pub grub menu! Try and mashed potatoes and gravy- heavenly!


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