DeVille once again... HaHaaaaaaaa!


My husband visited me downtown at my office yesterday and I took him for a Nutella latte at DeVille since he has never had one but heard me yak about them a lot.. He really enjoyed it! I thought I would also try the sundried tomato, basil and chevre cheese quiche for $7.50. 
The quiche itself was quite good with nice, flaky pastry but it was far too rich. Chevre cheese is a type of goat cheese which overpowered the quiche and I didn't like how it appeared to be more cheese than egg... I felt like a fatty bean after eating this.
So this morning on the way to work I decided to stop and try their new $4 special- a 12 oz. coffee and breakfast sandwich for $4 from 7:00 - 8:30 am... I have to give it to DeVille this time.. This is one of the best breakfast sandwiches I have ever had.. The bacon was thick and perfectly cooked- one of my biggest complaints is that the bacon is normally undercooked and "flabby"... The cheese was also of a high quality and the English muffin was buttered... Yummmm.. I recommend this special! You can also get a veggie breakfast sandwich with roasted red pepper, spinach & goat cheese but I wasn't feeling the goat cheese this early.


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