Delicious Da Guido!


We were lucky enough to dine at Da Guido on Friday evening for a going away party for a good friend's girlfriend. I have said that Da Guido is the best Italian restaurant in the city and it lived up to this reputation! Aman, my fellow foodie friend, had worked there previously and was able to get a $50/person set menu developed for 20 of us to enjoy... It was heavenly... The freshness of the food, professionalism of the staff and timing was perfect... Here is what we had.. *DROOL*:

Our appetizer... Seafood platter... SO GOOOOOD! The "mini lobster" looking guys are scampi, calamari clockwise from the top and lastly two jumbo prawns in a tomato sauce. The rice was also SO delicious and perfectly cooked in this dish. It was so special to each have our own seafood platter and not have to share.. WHAT A TREAT!
I cannot describe to you how delicious this brown sauce was on the chicken breast at the top of the plate... We literally LICKED our plates clean.. It was a rich, almost gravy like sauce that was perfectly seasoned and SO rich... The veal was very tender and the potatoes were out of this world.. You just barely touched them with your fork and they collapsed into melt in your mouth decadence... Can you tell I like this restaurant ????
There were two tables and each table received three large bowls of pasta to split. This is Da Guido's handmade tortellini in cream sauce..
These little delights were the show stoppers- handmade gnocchi in tomato sauce... O.M.G. The tomato sauce was so flavorful and the gnocchi were PERFECTLY cooked *highly recommend*
It was just "okay".... haha ya right.. DAMN GOOD!
Food FaNaTic Rating: 10/10.. You should go!


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