Crab Scramble!!!


What do you do with all of the leftover crab after a crab boil??? What is a GREAT recipe for out of town adventures?! The answer my friends is crab scramble... The most delicious breakfast EVER!!! One of my best friends makes this for out of town trips and we happened to have some left over crab from our amazing dinner the night before and we made some super yummy croissants that are so rich and delicious. I am always stumped with what to do for leftover crab since it is quite rich and normally you don't feel like eating a lot of it the next day. I used to make crab salad or crab sandwiches but this is FAR SUPERIOR!
Melt approximately 3 Tbs. of butter in a pan and cook 4-5 green onions, with tops, until tender 
We were making crab scramble for 4 of us so we used 8 eggs- two eggs per person. Beat in a bowl and add 1 cup sour cream, lump crab meat or "faux crab" (pollock), 1/2 finely grated Parmesan cheese and mix well. 
Pour into buttered pan with tender green onions and cook as you would normal scrambled eggs.
Use a spatula to mix eggs as they cook
Cut open croissants and spread butter and minced garlic on both sides of the croissant. Broil on low until golden brown.
Finished product! Evenly distribute eggs on top of toasted croissant and eat with a knife and fork. DELICIOUS!


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