What's your favorite solo dinner?!


What do you make when you are dining solo? Is there a meal you always make if its just you for dinner? I always hear people say "I don't cook, I am only cooking for one so I eat out or I will have a bowl of cereal"... We all have those days when we are making dinner for just ourselves and it is hard to bust out a recipe that serves 8 people and takes an hour... Here are my favorites!

STACKERS!!!! Cheese, crackers, meat, pickles... HEAVEN! I have these for dinner all the time... In particular I like garden vegetable Breton crackers, Vlasic bread and butter pickles (they are SO good), cheddar cheese and summer sausage. YUMMM! 

I will often make myself a quick omelet of eggs, cheese, mushrooms, ham and broccoli for a quick dinner.. I like my omelets with salsa as well. 

Mmmmm... Toasted tomato sandwich and/or bacon and/or mayo... Or I will just do straight up tomato with basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar which is awesome too.
I'm guilty... I LoVe Kraft Dinner... and it is Canadian too..! With ketchup of course... MMMM

My favorite herb is basil so I crave it a lot with tomatoes, feta/mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I make this a lot 

Grilled cheese of course... But it must be served with a dill pickle! 

Breakfast for dinner... look at this idea I just found!!! ^ SO COOL! ^

I've been obsessed with kalamata olives lately... Buying pints of them and finishing them within days...



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