Toronto, ON


Happy Monday everyone! I haven't blogged for a bit because I was in Toronto, ON for The Pampered Chef's National Conference. They hold it once a year in Toronto and I always learn TONS! I actually earned a piece of jewelry and got to walk across the stage as well which I have been aiming for since I began my business! YAY!
 Here are some highlights and good eats!    

Does anything beat room service?? That's MY favorite wake up call.. Perfectly cooked eggs benedict from the Hilton Garden Suites... Yum! Not cheap though... $18...
Here I am at the "Career Club Lunch"... You have to sell over $50,000 in your career to attend the lunch and this year I got to sit at the $100,000 table! YAY!
Dessert at the lunch.. It was AMAZING! Really nice and light.. It was a chocolate mousse base with a creme brulee-type top... mmmmm. Loved the berry compote too. 
Gazpacho at the Gala Awards night. Gazpacho is a cold Spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup. I loved the little bowl with a lid the soup came in and a cold soup is so refreshing in the summer. 

Dessert at the gala awards night... Loved the chocolate tulip presentation. There was a custard inside and the yellow sauce tasted like melted whipped  cream... TO DIE FOR! Amazing that they had to prepare over 1,000 of these!
Here I am walking across the stage for the first time to receive my ring for sales achievement.
Here is the ring I earned.. 8 rubies! and each year I earn it 2 diamonds will be added to each prong on the top and bottom

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