There is nothing like good neighbors...


James and I have been very lucky with our neighbors in Auburn Bay in south Calgary... We have become very close with many of the people on our street and recently our good friends lost their home to a house fire.. I think it's SO important to have good neighbors who will have your back, look out for you and your house and just be there when you need them... Tragedies like this really show who your friends are and our street REALLY pulled together for the amazing couple who is working on rebuilding... Not only are they working on rebuilding but they have had an extremely positive and upbeat attitude about everything... as you can see!:

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to them because they have cheered me up when I was down, handed me a large goblet of wine when I needed it and had my back through thick and thin and are a huge fan of my blog!!! Thanks so much for being you and we are so lucky to have you as friends!

One of my fabulous neighbors invited me over for a BBQ last night as James was working late and we had super yummy burgers, salad and corn on the cob.. I was having a bad day and this completely turned it around. Look how cool these corn plates are!!! I want some too! I hate how corn rolls around my plate and gets in the way of my meal.. What a great solution :)

We tend to enjoy a bit of wine on the street as well ;) ;)
Just a bit ;)
Yay Kim & Barry!

Yay hottie Autumn Circle housewives!
Thanks for always being there :D :D :D


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