Sushi Ginza


My best girlfriend and I headed out for some much anticipated sushi last night! We haven't gotten together for a while so I was REALLY looking forward to it! I find that I crave sushi a lot of the time but sometimes after a piece or two I will be sick of it.. Luckily tonight wasn't one of those times! I think that my problem in the past has been to order far too much sushi and then feeling overwhelmed and bloated by the time the meal was out: I heard this piece of advice recently though: try to order 10 pieces of sushi each. I think this was the PERFECT amount of sushi!

Sushi Ginza is located in Willow Park Village at 276, 10816 Macleod Trail S. There is a floating sushi bar, a Japanese waterfall garden and Tatami rooms where you sit on mats at floor level and let your feet dangle into a cut out opening in the floor. I have sat at the sushi bar before and was disappointed with the selection so I suggest you ask for a table.. Here is what we had:

I LOOOOOVE anything to do with scallops so always order a specialty scallop sushi mixed with mayo for a sweet and creamy taste. The Nigiri Sushi on the left is "Scallop Special" which is chopped scallop, mayonnaise and tobiko (fish roe aka. fish eggs). It was SO yummy! The sushi on the right is a "Kani" sushi or crab meat on rice. I found this particular crab meat to be pretty fishy tasting unfortunately so I wasn't impressed.

I love the presentation of sushi. So dramatic, colorful and beautiful! The roll in the foreground is a "Firecracker Roll" and they were our favorite! They had tempura shrimp, avocado, masago (roe), mayo and tobiko. The roll wrapped in rice in the back is a "Kamikaze Roll" that had scallop special, tempura flakes, tuna, tobiko, and spicy mayo.. 

My favorite type of sushi is crunchy, creamy and normally contains scallop and/or avocado and/or mayo... YUM! I like really unique maki rolls that use different ingredients and unusual components. In Montreal I often dine on sushi because I love the chef's creative ways of using ingredients like orange segments, strawberries, cream cheese and other interesting ideas. 

What is your favorite sushi?! Sushi is DEFINITELY an acquired taste.. I remember trying it for the first time and having my gag reflex initiated.. It really does take time and starting small to really develop a taste for it. Start with avocado or California rolls and go from there. Shrimp tempura rolls are also a great way to start enjoying this delicious cuisine. I always mix some wasabi in with my soya sauce to get some kick as well. Enjoy!


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