Sunterra Market


"The Sunterra Story is about an Alberta family with a vision to do things differently".. It all began 40 years ago when parents Stan and Flo were involved in livestock and grain farming and expanded the business as their family grew. In 1990 Sunterra opened its first retail location and has been growing strong ever since!

When I first started working downtown I was a Sunterra Market "virgin" and had no clue how much this hot spot had to offer! With four locations downtown and a large Signal Hill location this market promotes "Fresh Food. From Real Farmers". There are three locations in the +15's and I love the stations they have set up-- there is the beverage center with every drink you could imagine:
Different stations such as the "big pans" that they make fresh each day that will contain lasagna, butter chicken, stews, pasta dishes, curries etc and you can get a big scoop as a meal:
This is "Philly Cheese Steak".. Doesn't look the most appetizing but they are normally delicious
Sandwiches galore!!! And the right hand side not pictured is all wraps OR they can make you one to your liking
Feel like a chicken breast for lunch? Potato? Asparagus? Grilled veggies? They will warm them up for you here or you can take them home to enjoy for dinner
The salad bar is probably my favorite. TONS of varieties of veggies, fruit, dressings and toppings and then they weigh it to figure out pricing... There is chicken breast, cheeses, tuna, etc to put on top or you can just take a little container of strawberries or carrots or hard boiled eggs etc.
Sunterra is famous for their meats! With no grocery stores close to downtown at all its really nice to be able to pick up some meat for dinner if you don't have time to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Not to mention the fact the meat is local and organic.

They have a a large pastry and confectionery selection as well!
Sunterra also has thin crust pizza, pasta stations, smoothies, a full bakery with everything from fresh bread to fancy cakes, Starbucks coffee, homemade soups, quesadilla's, and much more!!! No wonder this family run business has been so successful. WARNING: It gets BUSY at lunch so try and avoid the 12 - 1 pm rush. One of my favorite places to hit for lunch... I'm addicted to the different pizza specials they have each day that are cooked in their wood burning ovens.. YUM! Can this even really be considered fast food!?


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