Orchid Room


The Orchid Room is located in Bankers Hall across from Sunterra Market on the +15 level.. The restaurant is known for its "fusion influenced dining" but I would describe its cuisine as "high end Vietnamese/Thai" because of the elegant ambiance, fresh orchids on each table and more expensive entrees. I like the "patio" which extends onto the +15 level so that you can people watch. Here is how our table was set when we arrived:

I like how they always have the orchids on the table and the lemon grass & bamboo accents
Here are their $6.95 spring rolls.. They were good but for $6.95 I think we were paying for the flower on the plate
For an entree I had my favorite dish here! The "Special Vermicelli Bowl" for $18.45. There was grilled beef wrapped prawn skewers marinated in garlic soy sauce with spring rolls on top of a bed of vermicelli, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts and mint. I LOVE the beef wrapped prawns. YUM
My date was craving some spicy soup and decided on the "Chicken Pho" for $14.45 as there were no beef soups available. There were chicken slices, bean sprouts, cilantro and green onion on top of rice noodles in a clear chicken broth.. It was delicious and the broth was really rich and flavorful
All in all we had a great lunch and although it is not the cheapest Vietnamese in a few blocks radius, I could tell a big difference in the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The bean sprouts were exceptionally crunchy and the veggies all freshly cut. Sometimes you can go to an Asian restaurant during the lunch rush and your meal is out before you even put down the menu which I find unappetizing. The restaurant was very busy so apparently the price point is not affecting their business. A great place to take a client or business associate :)

 Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9/10


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