My Evening Adventure....


Last night was one of those nights to myself as James had hockey and worked late... I couldn't wait to get home and just have a "me" night... For dinner I had the following... Gotta love solo meals!:
Oh so gourmet.. NOT! hehe... Tomatoes, feta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper. Num num
Dinner of champions... ICE CREAM BOWL! Pampered Chef just came out with this new caramel sauce.. TO DIE FOR and I don't even really like caramel... I crunch up the cone when I eat it and really mix everything together
All the neighborhood kids love our new kitty Henderson! We adopted her from the Meow Foundation and I HIGHLY recommend it Only $150 and she came spayed, all her shots, registered, litter box trained etc. We love her!
Here's a photo of her on her way home! hehehe
She's an attention whore! LOVES people! :)
And then..... I decided to do some work in my office and spilled an entire goblet of red wine and the wine glass shattered!! AHHH What a disaster!!!
AFTER!!!! Best way to get red wine out of a carpet: pour white wine on it! and I also used the life saving SPOT SHOT!


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