A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe


Happy Monday everyone! Hope that you had a good weekend... Mine was jam packed with Pampered Chef shows and it was a good time :)

I was in the west portion of the city on Saturday and decided to try out the "Ladybug Cafe" located at 2132-10 Aspen Stone Blvd. that I have heard so much about. When you first walk it looks like a very high end bakery/delicatessen with stylish wood decor and fancy cakes in the window. They had a large selection of sweet or savory crepes, lasagna, salads, panini's, organic fare and a huge selection of specialty coffees. You order at the cashier and receive a table number to find your own table with and your food is brought out to you. I didn't expect Ladybug to be "reasonably" priced given the luxurious community in which it was situated but I was disappointed in my $4.50 Greek salad which was only filled half way up the small dish... I complained and she begrudgingly added one more scoop and mentioned I would be charged an additional $4.50 next time if I wanted more than the allotted scoop... PFFFTTTT

I was also not impressed that I had 25 minutes to dine and she said that if I ordered macaroni and cheese it would take 20 minutes to heat up even though it was pre-made... So I also got a ham & cheese croissant.
My $4.50 salad after I asked for another scoop of salad...
Ham & cheese croissant. DELICIOUS and filled with melted cheese as well. Very flaky and one of the best croissants I have had in Calgary.
I also had to take a photo of the beautiful looking Belgium waffles and the fancy China in which the coffee was served:

Belgium waffles. Beautiful presentation
Fancy China and pastry
All in all I found this cafe to be a great place for coffee and dessert or a quick lunch. Although expensive, this restaurant was buzzing with frequent visitors and regular customers. The selection of cakes and gourmet pastries is what will keep people coming back.


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