Dieting ain't so bad.... RIGHT?!?!?!


Salads instead of sushi
Splenda instead of sugar
Non hydroginated margarine instead of butter
Pears instead of pizza

This is normally my reaction when I am told "no" or have to live with "discipline"....

I knew this day was coming... I knew the search for the best mac n' cheese in Calgary and biweekly pizza gorging sessions were going to catch up with me... But the question was.. WHEN?! I worked my butt off before my wedding last August with the help of a personal trainer and was in the best shape of my life on my wedding day which I am very proud about... Since that.. I've fallen off the wagon to say the least and only been to the gym around 10x in the past year and have been eating whenever and whatever I wanted... I was happy with the fact that my weight was staying consistent and my clothes still fit........ and then August hit and my dress pants are tighter than they have ever been when they were too big before.. I absolutely REFUSE to buy bigger clothes so my option is to lost some weight or lose some weight... Soooooo it appears that I will be working out more and eating healthier *SIGH*

Here is my lunch from yesterday... The Sunterra salad bar is amazing and this salad actually made me look forward to lunch..

Three years ago I managed to lose 22 lbs. and keep off nearly every pound that I lost. I did it with the G.I. Diet which is pretty much a common sense guide to losing weight and it worked GREAT for James and I.G.I. stands for "glycemic index" and this diet is a great way to live HEALTHY, not be HUNGRY, not calorie count and it really did change the way we eat forever.There is a guide at the back which has green foods -- eat as much as you want, yellow foods -- eat when you reach your target weight, and red foods -- to be avoided!!! Ever since reading this book and cooking MANY of the recipes in their recipe book James and I will never eat the same and it really taught us smart choices to make on everything from eating out to having a dinner party. 

I love the recipe book as well.. There are "green light" recipes for everything from crab cakes to chocolate cake to quick snacks. I made entire meals for dinner parties and guests would rave about the fare! Some tricks include using ingredients like low fat sour cream, zucchini and apple sauce instead of sugar etc. I HIGHLY recommend the g.i. diet book and recipe book...  It really works!

Anyways.... Wish me luck!!! Don't worry - I will still be indulging from time to time... I already have Da Guido and Japanese Village booked this weekend for events.. A girl has to live right?! Especially one as OBSESSED with food as I am :D


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