CHOP & Eat, Pray, Love


Three girlfriends and I decided to have a girls night and check out CHOP for dinner at Chinook, which they had never been to, and watch Eat, Pray, Love which I have been looking forward to for months! I really loved the book and was hoping the movie would do the book justice... I was pleasantly surprised! The movie starring Julia Roberts completely exceeded my expectations and it was AWESOME! This is probably the best movie I have seen from a book I have read. It captured exactly what Elizabeth Gilbert was trying to convey in her book.. I highly recommend it!

WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU EAT BEFORE GOING TO SEE THE MOVIE! The "EAT" portion of the movie is mouthwatering!

Before hitting the theater we dined at CHOP located right next door to the theater. CHOP is a Canadian company with 5 locations throughout western Canada with one opening in October in Edmonton and another set to be open downtown Calgary! The staff was unbelievably friendly and the manager, Chris, even gave me a tour of their impressive kitchen. CHOP has a bakery and butcher shop on site and bakes all of their breads fresh each day. I was impressed! The steaks are cooked in an 1800 degree broiler with a grill on top for searing the steaks. We had a great time and this is what we dined on:

Lobster, Scallop & Gorgonzola dip served with crostini's for $11... Unfortunately I was unable to taste lobster, scallops or shrimp and it could have been an artichoke dip for all I was concerned but it WAS delicious. I liked the tomato sauce touch on the top which was unique for a creamy dip.
One of my dates had the CHOP salad which can be served with chicken, fish, prawns or steak for $16. I loved the glass plate presentation and amount of fixings that came with the salad: namely the avocado! My fav!!! A large sized salad for cheaper than Joey's or The Met ;)
I wasn't in the mood for a full meal so I tried their French Onion Soup for $7 which had caramelized onion, herbed crostini & apple baked with emmenthal & Asiago cheese. This was one of the BEST French onion I have EVER had... DELICIOUS!!! So reasonably priced as well- could have been $12 .. It was THAT good
Alongside my soup I had the jumbo shrimp cocktail. Perfectly chilled and cleaned prawns and a yummy homemade cocktail sauce. These prawns were enormous! YUM!
For dessert our server suggested the berry cheesecake. I would classify this more as strawberry cheesecake but nonetheless this decadent dessert was homemade and very satisfying.
All in all a great date night with some of my favorite people and I will be back to CHOP! I like it A LOT more than Joey Tomatoes thanks to the bend-over-backwards staff, beautiful ambiance and delicious fare. Great job CHOP!

Food FaNaTiC Review: 9/10 


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