Chianti Cafe.. Is there anywhere better?!!?


Italian is my favorite type of cuisine and I CRAVE gnocchi and fettucini alfredo on a regular basis. To me the best and most reasonable Italian restaurant in Calgary is Chianti Cafe or what I call "Chianti's" who have 4 locations in Calgary. I LOVE Da Guido and Osteria De Medici and some of these fancier places but if I am looking for a consistently good plate of pasta I head to Chianti's.

I love how cheap their pasta is, especially on Tuesday-Thursday nights when it is half priced! I ALWAYS order the same thing and it drives James nuts: half canneloni, half fettucini alfredo. I LOVE how they do half orders here and the marinara sauce from the canneloni melds so well with the alfredo sauce *drool*

For a starter we had some bruschetta.. I'm always a sucker for it:

James had the gnocchi della nonna with a thick meat and mushroom sauce for only $11.99. The gnocchi was PERFECTLY cooked and the best we have had in a while:

I love this restaurant! Could eat here everyday *DROOL* ... HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


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