BR& Steak.Frites


Also named: Brand Steak Fries At The Bank is a luxurious and grand restaurant located at 125 Stephen Ave in the old Banke nighclub location and earlier in the century, an old bank. The wide open space, crystal chandeliers and marble flooring in this historic building really make you stop and catch your breath when you first walk in.. It is very grandiose and elegant. BR& has been advertising their "Steak. Salad. Frites" for $19.99 for quite a few months so I thought it was time to check this restaurant out..
These warm yorkshire-style biscuits were served to us at the beginning of the meal... The flavor was unbelievable with a small hit of garlic and cheese. Best dinner roll I have EVER had at a restaurant. The outside was crunchy and the inside was the texture of a yorkshire with lots of air bubbles and delicious soft bread.

Here was the delicious spinach and romaine salad we were served to begin the meal. It had a dijon dressing and I always commend chef's who do not overdress their salad. I HATE soggy lettuce!  

Here is my perfectly cooked medium steak... $19.99?? WHAT A STEAL! This steak was very tender and delicious. The au jus that accompanied the steak had a light gravy flavor and I was really impressed with this piece of meat.

Here were the "frites" (fries in French)... Unfortunately they were a bit overcooked so they were all really crispy but I loved the presentation. I also tried something completely random and new: BANANA KETCHUP! Can you imagine? haha! It was red like normal ketchup but had a tangy almost tropical flavor... very interesting!
Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9/10 <-- beautiful location, great prices.. just overcooked the fries and the service could have been better.


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