The "Unfoody"


Good morning and happy Monday everyone! 

Hope that you had a good weekend.. we headed to BC for a wedding and it was a lot of fun-- tons of driving though- around 20 hours. AIYA! 

The night before we left I attended a BBQ at one of my good friends place who is an infamous "unfoody".. and by that I mean he has stated that he finds it a chore to eat, he hates most foods and he would rather just be fed via a tube in his stomach... AHHHH! Although I find it very hard to relate to him I have tried to win him over, albeit unsuccessfully for the most part there have been SOME victories... These victories include fettucini alfredo, ginger beef, Swiss Chalet and other small milestones along the way. I was VERY impressed on Thursday though when he pulled out all the stops for dinner for my girlfriend and I ... WOW!!! Take a look at this spread- The steaks were marinated for a while and were SOO tender and cooked perfectly.. Greek salad?! Asparagus?! This kid doesn't touch anything that starts with "v" never mind vegetables so I was impressed.. HE even enjoyed the asparagus too... I guess pigs do fly... 

Asparagus tossed in olive oil and garlic seasoning
The final product. TONS of Montreal steak spice on the steaks.. delicious
For dessert we brought a DQ "treatzza Pizza"... YUM! The base is oreo with soft serve as the topping and you can choose either Smartie or Skor... Haven't had one of these in forever and it was delicious!


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