Best of the Best- Vietnamese Restaurants!


Just recently I really started to really get into Vietnamese cuisine. I used to not really like the vermicelli rice noodles but after some encouragement, fish sauce and hoisin sauce I am HOOKED. I love the bbq pork/spring roll combination on vermicelli. YUM! My favorite spring rolls that I have found in the city are at Oriental Phoenix and some of the cheapest and quickest Vietnamese can be found in Bow Valley Square at "Choices" although sometimes it almost comes TOO quickly and I have come to realize that many of the dishes are sitting and waiting to be ordered- not cool.

Another favorite that I got hooked on in Cambodia are the Vietnamese iced coffees... *DROOL*... They use condensed milk to sweeten these delicious treats and they are so refreshing and satisfying in the summer.
Try one next time you are at a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant :)

Here are my favorite Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary:

10. Nho Saigon 2111 33rd Avenue SW
9. Bow Bulgogi House 3515 17th Ave. SW
8. Trong Khanh Restaurant 1115 Center St. NW
7. Saigon Pearl 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd.
6. Pho Huong Viet Noodle 3855 17th Ave. SW
5. Saigon Y2K 2110 Crowchild Trail
4. Bowness Vietnamese 6433 Bowness Road NW
3. Quynh 2555 32 Street NE
2. Oriental Phoenix 104 58 Ave SE
1. Bagolac Saigon 6130 1A Street S.W. (near Chinook)


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