Bear & Kilt Freehouse


The Bear & Kilt pub is somewhat hidden on Stephen Ave located in the basement location of 110 8th Avenue. This is one ale house that does not deserve to be forgotten! On Fridays I often crave "pub grub" and although there are a few pubs around my office I think the best service and food can be found at The Bear & Kilt. They have the traditional pub favorites such as shepherd's pie, meatloaf, stuffed yorkshires etc and also a really large selection of salads, homemade pizza and entrees. The wait staff is very attentive and friendly and filled with recommendations on the food! Here is what we dined on and were all ecstatic about our meals:
Maybe not the best photo but perhaps one of the best meatloaves I have had at a restaurant. The sauce on top was sweet and sooo yummy. Comfort food at its finest :)
Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings on a bed of mashed potatoes. Yum look at those fluffy Yorksires!
Beef dip and Caesar salad
Philly cheesesteak oh my!
Here is what I had! Being that I am a pizza connoisseur I had to try their four cheese pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms. I LOVE this type of "whole fat mozza, delicious sauce and crispy homemade dough" pizza... YUM!
It was a great lunch enjoyed by all. The Bear & Kilt has a cozy atmosphere complete with country home type chairs, fireplaces and dart boards. A great place to indulge in some comfort food or pub grub!

Food FaNaTic Rating: 10/10


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