Art Smith's Fried Chicken!


I was delighted to find out that Art Smith, Oprah's famous chef, posted his fried chicken recipe!!! AHHHH I can't wait to try this! Here is the recipe found on,,20415314,00.html

Art Smith's Fried Chicken

1 3 lb. chicken, cut into 8 pieces


• ¼ cup of kosher salt
• 6 cups of water

Mix well. Place chicken in brine and soak overnight.

Buttermilk and Hot Sauce Bath

• 4 cups of buttermilk
• ¼ cup of Louisiana Hot Sauce or any hot sauce of choice

Drain brined chicken well and place in buttermilk and hot sauce

Let marinate overnight.

Seasoning Dredge

• 6 cups of self-rising flour, White Lily
• 4 tablespoons of garlic powder
• 4 tablespoons of onion powder
• 4 tablespoons of dried thyme
• 4 tablespoons of fresh ground pepper

Mix well reserve

Egg bath

• 8 whole eggs, beaten well
• 1 cup of ice water

In cast iron skillet, pour quarter of an inch of canola oil using a thermometer. Bring up to 350 degrees and keep the temperature constant. Drain the excess buttermilk and hot sauce off the chicken and place in egg bath. Coat each piece well, then shake off excess. Dip into seasoning, dredge and then shake off excess. Place in pre-heated oil and fry dark pieces first, skin side down for 8 minutes per side until the interior temperature of the meat is 180 degrees.

Place on racks and reserve in 250 degree oven until time to serve. Fry white meat for 8 minutes per side until golden or until internal temperature reads 165 degrees.

Serve with waffles – Lady Gaga style!


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