Vintage Chophouse!


I often get asked, "what is your favorite restaurant"... It's so hard for me to choose because it depends on the type of cuisine, price point etc but I CAN say that one of my absolute favorite places to eat is Vintage Chophouse located at 320, 11th Avenue S.W... I have a MAJOR addiction to their truffle mac n' cheese and they also have great daily specials, steak and a large selection of salads.

On this particular Stampede day I decided to start my meal with their AMAZING seafood chowder soup.. All of Vintage's soups are served on a plate with a biscuit or bun and some salted or herbed butter... YUM! I LOVED this soup because it contained big chunks of fish and I was impressed that they used high quality fish such as halibut and organic salmon... my favorite part was the butternut squash which gave the soup a sweet flavor... I love restaurants that put an herb oil on top of the soup... it looks so pretty and really makes the flavor pop. This is a half bowl for $6

For an entree I got my usual match made in heaven... half of the famous "Vintage Mac & Cheese" made with truffle cream and smoked cheddar for $12 and I pair this with a half cobb salad for $9 which contains guacamole, blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes, smoked chicken, eggs and a grainy mustard vinaigrette.
I love how the mac n' cheese comes in its own little baker! SO CUTE!

Vintage Chophouse is a real class act... The service is great, a VERY unpretentious menu: ... I am so addicted to the mac n' cheese and suggest you give it a whirl! I like how the tables are set as little blazers as well:

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9.5/10


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