Traveling Throw Back!!!! - Cuba! & a Mojito Recipe!


In 2007 my best friend and maid of honor, Shannon, traveled to Varadero, Cuba to celebrate graduating college! It was an AMAZING trip and we stayed at the Barcelo Marina Palace which I highly recommend... Although Cuba is infamous for not having the best food on the planet.. they DO have the best MOJITO in the world! Just ask Ernest Hemingway who declared "my mojito in La Bodeguita (a bar in Havana which we visited and our mojito is below!) and my daiquiri in Florida

Here is the original Cuban mojito recipe

2 fl. ounces Havana Club Rum (or Anejo Especial or Anejo Blanco)
1/2 Lime, cut into 4 wedges
3 stems mint
1-2 tsp. fine Cane Sugar
4-5 ice cubes
Ice-cold soda water (or mineral water)
  • Pour rum into long drink glass
  • Wash lime, cut in half, cut one half into 4 wedges;
  • Add 3 of the 4 lime wedges to rum in the glass;
  • Strip mint leaves off 2 of the stems and add to rum in the glass;
  • Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of fine sugar to rum in the glass;
  • Squeeze lime and mint using small rolling pin, or alternatively stir vigorously using spoon;
  • Add ice cubes, fill with Soda Water;
  • Use 4th lime wedge to decorate rim of glass.
  • Use 3rd stem of mint to decorate the glass. 

All in all it was a good trip... Right Shanny?! Love youuu!
Ohhhh mann... me finishing up our favorite dish: Fried bananas topped with vanilla ice cream!
Love the street vendors selling fresh, peeled fruit
Gotta love "TROPICANA" in Havana, Cuba.. Walk through the door and get handed a 26 of Havana Club, Soda, Ice and a Cigar! WOO! The run was SO cheap! Around $3 a 26... Does a cigar and rum count as food?!
The quantity of rum in each drink was INSANE! The drinks were always 50/50 and sometimes 70/30 with booze as rum was cheaper than soda pop. This coconut contains 3/4 of Havana Club rum.. oh my!
Fresh lobster! We went on a snorkeling tour and the guide dove to the bottom and picked up some famous Cuban Rock Lobster and cooked them right on the boat! It was AMAZING!
My favorite part about Cuba was the culture... going to Mexico and the Carribean is one thing but Cuba has its own unique vibe and deeply rooted culture... One of the staff at the pool made this for us out of bamboo leaves!!! Cool hey? On the top there is a bird and a grasshopper as well... Loved the people!
Hahaha.. Shannon looking really impressed. :p .. Fresh prawns!
Here is a seafood display at our resort's daily buffet...The seafood was SO fresh here!   


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