Sky360 aka. Calgary Tower's New Restaurant


Okay... It's not THAT new but Sky360 Restaurant and Lounge sure surpasses the old restaurant and system the Calgary Tower had going there for a number of years! You used to have to pay $17 to go up the elevator and get a refund on your bill.. It was SUCH a pain! They have since redone the Calgary Tower's revolving restaurant with more contemporary decor and better booths and seating to really get a birds eye view of our city.

Sky360 won's Diner's Choice award in 2009 and I can see why. The food has greatly improved along with the service. I went for lunch and really liked the "360 Express Corporate Lunch Menu" for $23... You start with a choice of either mushroom chowder or house Cesar salad and your choice of entree is either an Alberta beef burger, chicken salad sandwich or spaghetti bolognaise.

I decided on the mushroom chowder for an appetizer and it was delicious! It was more like a mushroom puree soup than a chowder but there were about 4 varieties of mushrooms and it was perfectly seasoned. 

I am normally dead-set against ordering spaghetti or lasagna at a restaurant... Let's be honest: it's not gonna taste how mama makes it and I can pretty much guarantee that I will make a better version... Sky360 had me at "Alberta beef, naturally raised pork, sangiovese reduction (what is that?) and grana padano (cheese)... I love a good bolognaise that combines both beef and pork- it NORMALLY creates a really flavorful and rich sauce.. Unfortunately this was not the case and I stick to my guns about not ordering spaghetti at restaurants. Overall the spaghetti was "okay" but I found it to be a bit dry and honestly boring. I would have liked some oil and vinegar to dip my large piece of foccacia in as well.

One of my dates chose the spinach and goat cheese penne for $21 with toasted pinenuts, arugula pesto, Fairwind Farm goat cheese, green beans and grana padano and she really enjoyed it- it looked DELICIOUS! I am such a sucker for cream sauces or pesto... Yum!

All in all a great meal with great company... A VAST improvement from the last revolving restaurant to represent our city's most famous landmark. My only other complaint would be there was nothing on the menu that screamed "YOU HAVE TO HAVE ME" like pizza, gourmet mac n' cheese or seafood dishes usually do for me. I could go for some more variety on their menu but appreciate the Express Lunch they have created and tasty dishes. I highly recommend this restaurant for guests traveling from out of town!!! 

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 7.5/10


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