Last night James and I had a movie night and decided to rent Sharkwater. Sharkwater is a 2006 documentary by a young Canadian, Rob Stewart, which began as a documentary on sharks and ended up being a life and world changing documentary on the slaughtering of sharks all over the world... Sharks are slaughtered for their fins for the prestigious "shark fin soup" served in Asia which costs around $90 per bowl in American currency. This documentary was raw, horrifying and made me want to SCREAM!!!! Asian cultures believe that the cartilage from sharks will give them good health and long life due to the fact that sharks do not get sick as easily as other marine life and normally live long lives.. There are also many superstitious reasons that the fins are consumed...

There is a HUGE misconception in the world that sharks are dangerous to humans... Last year sharks killed only FIVE people around the WORLD!!! SODA POP MACHINES KILLED MORE PEOPLE! Sharks could EASILY and READILY kill humans if they chose to... but the truth is they are shy creatures and picky eaters... In the film Rob swims with the sharks with a calm state of mind and the sharks almost act like puppies and slowly but surely warm up to him because his heart rate is not accelerated and he is not panicking under the water.

Sharks are one of the most endangered species on the planet but one of the only species which do not have ANY fishing bylaws associated with them... I was amazed to learn that sharks have been around for 400 million YEARS and outlived the dinosaurs and other species for millions of years... Only now is their population threatened from over fishing-- the population is down 90% for the first time in history... OVER 100,000,000 SHARKS ARE KILLER PER YEAR!!!! The lucrative shark fin industry brings in BILLIONS of dollars each year to fisherman and the processing facilities. One shark fin can fetch $250-300 PER FIN in American dollars and is seen as a status symbol... Many Asian weddings consist of shark fin soup as a show of wealth .. can you imagine how many sharks have to be slaughtered to feed an entire wedding!??!?!

Shark fins are COMPLETELY tasteless and need to be flavored with chicken or beef stock to add any type of flavor to the dish... Not only that but the rest of the shark is disposed of!!! The actual meat of the shark is not used at all... In the film it literally shows fisherman hacking off fins while the sharks are still alive and then throwing the finless creatures back into the ocean to drown. It makes me want to cut their ears off and throw them into the ocean to bleed to death... 

My main motive here is AWARENESS and SAY NO TO SHARK FIN SOUP!!! Here are some related articles and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SEEING THIS FILM!!! It was just released in Hong Kong for the first time in June as it was banned from 2006-present in China

I tried to look up "shark fin soup" in Calgary and it appears that in 2008 it was still being served but no one is advertising it currently.. I do know that when you walk into Regency Palace in China Town they have a HUGE shark fin with a bow on it as a piece of "art"... I hope this isn't a sign that they are still serving it!... I will let you know ;)


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