San Remo, McKenzie Towne


Happy Monday ya'll! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather.. what a nice one!

On Friday night my husband, James, and I went to San Remo in McKenzie Towne... San Remo opened two restaurants in the city a few years back and when I dined here a few years ago I was NOT impressed... This time- we were pleasantly surprised with not only the attentive service but the DELICIOUS food!

We decided to sit on the patio and couldn't decide on a bottle of wine. The friendly waitress offered us a complimentary tasting and the one we liked best was $63... I said it was a shame it was so much and set about finding a more economical bottle.. The waitress asked what our price point was to which I responded "around $40" and she gave us the $63 bottle of wine for $40! WOW!!!! What amazing service! We decided to pick out a bunch of appetizers to split and munch on for our dinner and here is what we had...

I'm a sucker for bruschetta and order it nearly every time if it appears on the menu. This $10 bruschetta was pretty good but kind of bland- needed some more basil or balsamic vinegar. I liked the shaved asiago cheese on top though. 

MMMM... this was DELICIOUS and SUCH a great idea... Gnocchi Poutine for $11!!! James and I have been in love with gnocchi as of late and had to try this out. The red wine demi-glaze was salty like gravy and the whit cheddar matched this dish perfectly. The gnocchi was pan fried so a bit crispy as well. What a unique dish! Why didn't I think of that!?

These Sambuca Prawns for $12 were some of the best I have had in a LONG time... They were HUGE and I LOVED the chili garlic lemon sambuca butter sauce- it was sweet with a bit of kick. They were also piping hot which makes all the difference with seafood.
For an entree we just split a spinach salad that had crumbled blue cheese, green apple and candied pecans.. Candied pecans have to be one of my favorite things of all time- they taste like candy. The kitchen also separated our salad onto two plates.. So impressed with the service!

For dessert we couldn't decide so we each decided to indulge...

This is Apple Ravioli for $8. I thought the plating was beautiful and I loved the pastry exterior... It was cinnamon and brown sugar ravioli with roasted apple and mascarpone filling finished with brandy maple butter sauce.... *DROOL*!

James settled on the Crespelle Al Gelato Fragole.. aka. handmade crepes filled with vanilla bean gelato. Served with fresh strawberries in a black pepper orange sauce for $7. This dish was DELICIOUS but quite messy to eat.. after one bit it seemed to be spilling everywhere.. For those of you who have never tried gelato... TRY IT! It is Italy's version of ice cream which is so soft and creamy and actually less fat than normal ice cream.

My first few dining experiences here weren't great but after this meal I will certainly be back!

Food FaNaTiC rating: 9.5/10 <--- lost a 0.5 on the bruschetta ;)



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