RUSH 6 course tasting menu!


One of my good friends and neighbor works for the company that owns and operates RUSH- one of my very favorite restaurants in the city. Located at 100, 9th Avenue S.W. RUSH has a very elegant and opulent dark decor that has been called everything from pretentious to high end to swanky... There is a large lounge with beautiful light fixtures and suede chairs and a special lounge menu and then there is the beautiful dining room with a Chef's Table right in the kitchen! They also have the second largest wine selection in Canada including engraved wine lockers for investors in the restaurant and a glass wine cellar that is amazingly beautiful.

You can order off of the menu daily or you can also choose to partake in the Chef's Tasting Menu for $95 which includes 6 courses... You can also choose to have the wine pairings for $65 more and this is what we chose to do for this particular evening.. You could even get the "premium wine pairings" for an additional $125 OH MY!

RUSH is a complete class act... Our meal began with a complimentary glass of champagne and an amuse bouche to excite our palates... This amuse was Pop Rock powder, marscapone cheese and a grapefruit segment on a spoon... It was really fizzy in your mouth and went great with the champagne. YUM!

We actually had TWO amuse bouches... the second was meant to be eaten in one bite and was smoked salmon with a cream and cauliflower puree, dehydrated soy chip and micro rosemary.

The second course was SO YUMMY!!! It was a pork terrine with arugula pesto and pickled nectarines. A terrine is a French "forcemeat" loaf that is served at room temperature similar to paté. The pork tasted like a really yummy sausage and kind of reminded me of a cheese and cracker dish. Everything went SO well together and everyone RAVED about this dish. YUM!

For the third course I had the best soup.. OF MY LIFE!!! White asparagus soup with side stripe prawns from the Northwest Pacific and speck ham.. Speck ham is a special flavored ham from Austria and it reminded me of bacon bits.. These prawns were cooked to perfection and the flavor was like no other prawn I have ever eaten... I wish I could have some more of this right now!

The fourth course was equally as amazing... DUCK LASAGNA!? Who woulda thunk it... Love the presentation and it was to die for tasty and not too heavy like I assumed it would be.

The fifth course was a halibut with lentil puree, pork belly and spring peas. I liked this dish quite a bit but almost found it to be a bit too much at this point as I was starting to get full- the piece of fish could have been a bit smaller. The halibut had a nice crunchy crust and was flaky but my piece was a bit dry.

The sixth course was a pork tenderloin on a potato slaw with a veal reduction... I was honestly pretty disappointed with this dish because of all the pork that was served! We had pork terrine, ham speck, pork belly and know the main course was pork again? I would have loved some light seafood such as scallops at this point... It was still delicious but definitely too much pork by this point. 

Look at this super fun palette cleanser!!!! LOVE IT!!! It is a house made blackberry freezy and the perfect refreshing snack before dessert. So much fun!

For dessert we were served a chocolate trio. On the left was a house made milk chocolate sorbet, the middle treat is a hazelnut chocolate torte with espresso mouse (my fav!), and on the right is a flourless chocolate cake with a passion fruit gel... Decadent! 

What an amazing meal with some GREAT company.. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant for a special occasion or date night... James and I went here for Valentine's Day and they had a cheaper 6 course menu that knocked our socks off.. The staff was all very friendly and knowledgeable as well. Try not to get intimidated by the ambiance, fancy waiters or presentations at this restaurant- the food is AMAZING!!!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9/10 <--- would have been 10/10 had the last course not been pork fyi... hehehehe


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