Prego Restorante Italiano


Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend... I had some good weekend eats I thought I would share with you. My favorite type of cuisine is Italian and it is hard to find a good place in the downtown core to nosh on some good pasta... The only two I seem to patron are Italian Kitchen and Prego Restorante Italiano which is in Eau Claire Market. I went here for lunch on Saturday and enjoyed some of the best bruschetta I have ever had dining out... The flavor was amazing and I loved the fresh basil and balsamic vinegar they incorporated. For $8 the bruschetta also included a few olives and some battered asparagus... YUM!

For an entree I dined one some penne in a white wine garlic cream sauce with oyster mushrooms... I dug in before I took a photo as I was STARVING but here is a photo of our dessert of creme caramel... I am more of a fan of creme brulee with its hard, crunchy top but creme caramel is a rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top.

I really enjoy Prego's patio which overlooks Prince's Island Park and there is lots of people watching to be had. Although not my FAVORITE Italian restaurant in the entire city I really enjoy Prego's service which is compiled of mainly attractive and well spoken men! HEHE! If your in the area Prego is a nice alternative to the other box stores residing in Eau Claire Market such as Joey Tomatoes and The Barley Mill... and don't even get me started on The Garage... one of my most hated places in Calgary!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 8/10


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