Piq Niq Cafe


Piq Niq is located at 811 1st Street S.W. in my office building- the historic "Grain Exchange"! Many people think that this restaurant is actually called "Beat Niq" as the sign suggests but the "Beat Niq" portion is the Jazz and Social Club and Piq Niq is FOOD!

Although we had a nice seat in the window we were the ONLY patrons at the restaurant in entire lunch hour which is completely unheard of in downtown Calgary... This was a bit alarming to me as most establishments prosper during the Calgarian lunch hour. Our waiter gave some strange and long winded excuse about Canada Day and Stampede next week etc... I found it to be a bit odd.

Nonetheless we decided on the Soupe du Jour which was a mushroom puree with truffle oil for $8. I hate when you cannot order just a cup of soup for an appetizer and must pay full price for a large bowl.. I think soup should run at around $3-4 for an appetizer but it turned out to be quite yummy if you like mushrooms as it was literally mushroom based and had a very bold mushroom flavor.

For an entree I decided to order the Croque Madame which is an open faced gourmet sandwich with honey ham, Sylvain Star Gouda, two fried eggs & white truffle oil served with mixed greens for $15. Unfortunately there was a bit too much ham on the sandwich but the fried eggs were perfectly cooked and added a deliciously rich flavor.

My date ordered the Quiche du Jour which was brie and asparagus for $14 and let me tell you... It was the BEST quiche I have ever had!!! The pastry was SO flaky and delicious and the flavor was unbelievable... Next time I come I will be getting the Quiche of the day!!! YUM!

Overall it was a good lunch but maybe they need to alter their menu to attract a larger quantity of diners... You can take a peek at their current menu here: http://www.beatniq.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/AllMenus.pdf

Some diners may be intimidated not only by its small size but the French listings... I know Beat Niq & Piq Niq were in danger of going bankrupt last year so I hope they can make some changes to encourage more more people to stop in and try their well prepared dishes.

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 6.5/10


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