Petite Bistro


A few weeks back I received a 2 for 1 lunch coupon for a restaurant called "Petite Bistro" located at 1301, 10th Avenue S.W. I had never heard of it before but thought it would be fun to try out since they were advertising a new patio and a great wine list. The patio wasn't all that great as it was completely shaded and didn't have a very nice view so we decided to sit inside. Petite it is!!! There are about 10 tables total- if that but their lunch menu looked promising:

Many people are disappointed when they see only a few main entrees on a menu but when I see that I know that it is normally going to be a good meal... I look at it this way: you can do a ton of things mediocre or a few things REALLY good... Luckily this restaurant was a testament to the latter!

I decided on the Petite Roast Beef Sandwich with had grainy mustard, tomato and Applewood smoked cheddar for $16. This was one of the BEST roast beef sandwiches I have had in a LONG time... The meat was sooo tender and delicious and perfectly cooked. I loved the tomato and cheese and the fact that they grilled the sandwich and that the meat was actual chunks of beef/steak and not just shaved beef... I can also be won over with a pickle adorning my sanny. MMMM!
My date settled on the Tuna Melt with the soup of the day- potato bacon for $14. The tuna melt was served on garlic toasted bread with Applewood smoked cheddar as well. The potato bacon soup was not the best I have ever had but I loved the little bowl they served it in. The sandwich was also panini-style so it was nice and warm and the tuna itself was delicious.

This to me was the perfect lunch... Not only did we get away with a $16.80 bill but it was the perfect meal size and utterly delicious. I liked how this restaurant had an open kitchen concept so you could see the chef's communicate and plate. What a great spot! They have a few specials for dinner as well such as 3 Courses on Sunday night for $30!

Food FaNaTiC Rating: 9.5/10


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