Midway Food... MMMM is there anything better?!


The 2010 Calgary Stampede has rolled in and of the many activities to enjoy one of my favorite is... EATING! *Shocker*.. I cannot go a Calgary Stampede with a corn dog, slice of pizza, mini donuts or Dippin' Dots!

Here are some pics and random foods that are being served this year at the Stampede...

Here is Chef Bob Blumer working the grill at one of the hundreds of Stampede breakfast's that take place during the Stampede.. 

Mmmmm mini doughnut conveyor belt... 

This lil' devil is called a "Tornado Potato".. 

Look at all the food booths on the midway! Can't go wrong with freshly spun cotton candy

After a few drinks I always crave these awesome chips... you can get them poutine style or Mexicana etc

Like Deep fried foods??? Above is a photo of deep fried pickles... my favorite! The Stampede is always famous for coming up with more and more common foods to deep fry... I have tried anything from deep fried Oreos, Coca Cola, macaroni and cheese and here are a few favorites from this year: deep friend pickles, twinkies, Snicker bars (delicious!!!), jelly beans, or strawberry shortcake oh my! 

The other craze seems to be "on a stick".. pizza on a stick (I do not recommend... very doughy), chicken on a stick, pickle kabobs, Belgian waffle on a stick....

Other rarities include Alligator pizza, hot beef sundae, taco in a bag, or pork parfait... Only in Cowtown! YEE HAW!!!!!

Good ol' Alberta beef sundae... I think it's a great idea.. haha



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