James Joyce


James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant is located at 114 8th Avenue SW on Stephen Ave and is one of my favorite places to go for after work drinks and snacks! They serve breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner and my favorite are their appetizers which are available after 2:00 pm.. My co-worker and I strongly believe these appetizers should be on their lunch menu as well as we would visit more often but their loss I guess ;)

This is the Rustic Tomato Bruschetta for $10 with fresh Roma tomatoes with garlic, cilantro and topped with goat cheese. The bread itself was very fresh and the tomatoes flavorful but the goat cheese made it much too heavy and rich.


This little masterpiece is Baked Brie & Fresh Strawberries for $13. The brie is phyllo wrapped (phyllo is a paper-thin sheet of dough used for making pastries or Greek spanakopita) and then drizzled with honey and chili flakes.. I can't even explain to you how yummy this appetizer is and how well the fresh strawberries go with the brie! YUM!!!


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