How to make the BEST Caesar!


Here is a photo of an amazing jug o' caesar and my inlaws in Victoria, BC! Nothing tastes better than a good caesar on a camping trip... after a heavy night of drinking... for breakfast... or as an appetizer for a meal. I have noticed that caesar's tend to be a bit "love/hate" meaning you either love em or you hate em... I am one of the LOVERS of this Canadian drink... Not only Canadian but Calgarian! Did you know that the caesar was created in 1969 by  bar tender Walter Chell at the Westin Hotel? He entered it into a contest using a combination of tomato juice, clam nectar, lime, worcestershire sauce, celery salt, and vodka. Not long after, the Motts company worked with Chell to release what is now sold as Clamato juice.

Traveling to different countries has taught me that this drink is as Canadian as Tim Hortons! I once asked for one in an Australia lounge and was served a salad 15 minutes later.. HAHA! Other countries will make you a "Bloody Mary" with tomato juice but what REALLY makes a caesar a caesar is the CLAMATO JUICE! 

Here are the makings for a GREAT caesar:

1 1/2 oz. vodka
2 dashes Tabasco sauce
4 dashes Worcestershire sauce
Clamato juice 
Spicy Bean
Celery Stick

Directions: Line the rim of a glass with celery salt. Over ice, add vodka, Tabasco & Worcestershire. Fill with Clamato to mix. Garnish with a celery stick and spicy bean

What really makes a caesar unique is what you put as a garnish! It is my favorite part and I always ask for a skewer of olives.. YUM! Pickles, pickled beans, carrots, asparagus, shrimp, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, limes are also fun additions... Oh man I want a caesar now!!!!


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