Fun Plating!


You eat first with your eyes... when a dish is laid in front of you the first thing you will take in is the look and smell of your food... Plating can make you salivate or curb your appetite and is SO important! Above is an example of a fun way I plated the last ice cream sandwich we had... I didn't want my husband to be disappointed with half of a frozen treat so I placed it on its side and used caramel to make a butterfly. I LOVE getting really funky serving pieces to serve up everything from grilled cheese to a fancy feast. For my grilled cheese I use these sushi plates and fill the soya sauce with ketchup and stack the sandwich up really neat.

I also like using martini glasses for everything from the obvious shrimp cocktail to doing a veggie cocktail with the dressing in the middle of the glass and vegetables adorning the sides.

At a gourmet restaurant height is always appealing on a plate and a number of different colors. When you are creating a meal try to think of as many different colors that can be used as possible... As I learned in home economics- try to mix up the colors of vegetables ie. no carrots and sweet potatoes in the same meal.

I also like using REALLY big serving pieces and placing a small entree in the middle and you will see this a lot at restaurants as well. The negative space makes the center piece more appealing and delicious looking.

Here are some pictures of awesome plating:


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